Traditional Full Body Thai Massage

What is a Traditional full body Thai massage?

Traditional Thai Massage is a combination of relaxation and passive meditation, it is also a great way for keeping the body healthy. Traditional Thai massage is one of the most powerful therapies for treating a broad variety of physical and emotional discomforts.

Thai Massage is thought of as an ancient healing system which combines pressure and energy balancing principles. The founder of Thai Massage, Jivaka Kumar Bhacca is mentioned in a variety of ancient documents for his knowledge of Herbal Medicine, his extraordinary medical skills and having treated important people of his day, including the Buddha.

The theoretical basis for traditional Thai healing is the belief that all living things are sustained by a spirited force (lom) that is carried through our bodies by a pathway (sen). This power is extracted from air, water and food, and it is thought that disease and dysfunction take place when blockages arise within these pathways. Thai Massage’s intention is to free the imprisoned energy, stimulate the natural movement of life- force and to regain a balance of well being.

The basics of a Traditional full body Thai massage

Thai massage uses passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase the flexibility of the body and to relieve joint tension and muscle strain. By attacking these areas simultaneously the body is brought back to balance and leaves the customer feeling relaxed and energized.

The Benefits of Traditional Thai Massage

    An exciting and powerful experience for both the body and the mind
    Better Physical and Mental well-being
    The client will gain mindfulness of break awareness and focused compassion
    Thai Massage helps with Lymphatic drainage and the return of blood to the heart    Thai Massage can help combat illness and degenerative disease


At Massage Nottingham our aim is to give you 100% satisfaction for a good price.

Traditional Full Body Thai Massage – An entrance fee of £20 for half an hour / £30 for 1 hour

For this price this treatment includes a Bubble bath by candlelight – with a lady of your choice

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