Full Body Swedish Massage

What is a Swedish Massage?

The Swedish massage has a unclear origins. Although some sources give recognition to Pehr Henrik Ling as the name founder of Swedish massage, this is debated within massage texts. Johann Georg Mezger is credited with naming the associated techniques with French terminology. In the late 19th century, the Swedish massage started to become a recognised massage method.

The Basics

Swedish massages often consist of these five different stroke techniques that will give complete relaxation and incredible relief to your muscles:

Effleurage: Long strokes directed towards the heart along the back or any other parts of the body.

Petrissage: To relieve knotted muscles, kneading and lifting actions are performed. This can be a firmer stroke, ideal for men with more muscle.

Tapotement: With a motion similar to a karate chop, the muscles are energised. The hand can be used in different shapes to help with a variety of issues.

Friction: The muscles are warmed with the masseuse’s hands or fingers as they rub deeply into the skin.

Vibration: Hands and fingers are used across the body in a shaking movement, as to create a kind of vibration. Gentle and sensual rocking movements may also be used.

The Benefits of a Swedish Massage

Aside from relaxing your body and being a very pleasurable, soothing, experience, having a Swedish massage from one of our masseuses will also benefit you in other ways. These five different strokes help to remove toxins from the body and better blood flow. In turn, this can improve the look of your skin and relieve you of any bodily or mental stresses or strains.


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